What is required if wife has power of attorney to sell?

Hello guys,

I usually do my own closings and I do not close at a title company every time. I have a tight deal, so I will be saving on some of the closing costs myself.

The husband travels two weeks at a time and he gave his wife power of attorney. This of course would allow her to sell, but what needs to be done so that when I resell the house the title company at selling time does not complain about not all parties on title signing the documents?

DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney, have never played on on TV, and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. This is my opinion based on several experiences. Your experiences and mileage may vary depending upon your personal driving habits.

She will need a notarized copy of the POA with her and (at least the way that I’ve always seen it) she will sign on his line and put “Attorney in fact” after the signature…

Some title companies require a “Specific POA” that is just for the transfer of that piece of property.

You might want to at least ask the title company…if it comes out wrong, it could possibly cloud the title.


Thanks Keith, I will discuss it with my lawyer to make sure he handles the right paperwork. For now, I have given myself enough lead time on the contract to make sure the husband in town if need be.