what is probate investing??

can some one tell me probate investing?? and what’s better, probate or wholesaling???

Probate is the process to settle a decedent’s estate. His bills are are paid and his assets distributed according to the terms of his will. Probate investing is contacting the heirs to get the property on the cheap. Typically, there is no mortgage, the home needs major updates and there is usually tons of crap of clean up. The heirs want cash, not headaches, and sell as is for a discount because a typical retail buyer expects a modern home in move-in condition.

I know someone who just passed and is leaving a nice lil place needing repairs… how do i find the probate info and make offer on house to inheritances…?

You find probate info at your courthouse.

are we contacting the attny who passes info / offer to family…?


Letters and phone communications to the attorneys letting them know about your service and giving them an incentive to send people your way is one thing.

The other is going to the courthouse, looking up records of who is in probate, finding the executor and or executee and contacting them with a gentle sorry about your loss letter and that you realize that at one point in time they may be interested in selling the house and you would like to buy it if they do.


What you may need to do is go down to the courthouse, you already have the person (First & Last) name ask the clerk for the probate file or whatever maybe call in your state. What you are looking for is the Personal Representative (sometime also referred to as the “executor” or “executrix” if there is a Will, or the “administrator” or “administratix” if there is no Will) is appointed as part of the probate proceeding and has the responsibility for managing the estate through the proceeding. That is the person you want to sent a letter or a postcard telling them about the service that you provide.