What is happening?

The two most prolific contributors to this forum get censored for posting in the ‘not related to real estate’ section? What’s the purpose of this column, otherwise?

It’s not like we’re not giving enough thought to posts, that it makes no difference if our posts just disappear, or not.

If I wanted to get censored I would just post to Twitter.

Quite irritating.

Was wondering what happened to the thread :bs

Every time I posted I wondered if this is the one that will be get deleted and get me banned from my fav REI site.
But hell Fester, I got these thoughts and opinions and I’m fearful of the frikin virus and this economy imploding and I worry I’ll be forced to hunt geese and frogs in the drainage swamp and fight for survival from the tweaker zombie hoards descending on my little chunk of paradise.
Imagine a Country where useless opinions and free speech has to be whispered, let’s wait for our stimulus bisquits and keep those pesky voices and rights in the broom closet.
And don’t worry about the government fighting amongst themselves and the hoards of BLM looters and the violence escalating, and us citizens losing our rights, just suck it up and get used to it.

Has anybody watched Sleepy Joe trying to talk on TV? He seriously seems to be suffering from dementia, and Alzheimer’s, and old age.
The Democrats really believe the masses wud vote for this pitiful candidate?
And then they got this dominating aggressive female VP candidate Harris pretending to be black?

If you think things are going south now, Just wait for November after the voter fraud SHTF.

I been stressin. But sometimes I have to look at the bigger picture. I’m addicted to these science videos on YouTube. Non stop videos of ancient megaliths that are mega tons and cut and moved with advanced machining. And the carvings in stone showing advanced airships and astronauts in full gear.
The scientists have found evidence of a cataclysmic event that wiped out world wide planet dwellers 12,000 years ago.
And then there is, Hubble’s photos of the visible Universe. Holy Gravitons. One massive Galaxy found has a hundred Trillion stars. Our Milky Way has only a pitiful 200 Billion. Its a huge mutha and billions of light years across and these wild astronomers believe it’s old, and it’s been sucking up other galaxies b4 time began. And smack dab in the center of this behemoth, a black hole from the depths of creation, that is eating massive stars for breakfast and doing some insane stuff with the elements. Some of Hubble’s photo’s show some galaxies with millions maybe billions of new stars being born & some galaxies that appear to be redshifted and in decline.
Anyways, it all makes me feel insignificant. And why worry about all the earthly problems?
Of course, a little cannabis makes it all better.

You mean, ‘Jim Crow Joe,’ as Camel-Uh described him in March?

Yeah, the elder abuse being committed against this centenarian is atrocious. The Democrats are redefining what it means to offer a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. Never mind, Harris is the ‘new’ black. You know, half Indian and half Jamaican.

The fake-stream media is desperate to create a horse race to keep eyeballs and influence the race. However, their ratings have gone into the dumpster anyway. In fact, FOX cable news channel attracted more viewers than all the other cable ‘and’ air channels combined this quarter. That’s a pretty mean feat. I chalk it up to FOX reporting more news and less propaganda than the rest.

I gave up on CNN back in the nineties when they were relentlessly propagandizing against Bush 41 (despite feeling betrayed by him over his faux tax pledge flip-flopping. I mean, “Read My Lips,” meant something to me as a voter).

Meantime, do you ever see a “Biden/Harris” bumper sticker? I’m seeing nothing but Trump paraphernalia where I live in SoCal. On a stretch of freeway between Riverside and Temecula, there’s a half-dozen, small, blue, freeway billboards with “Trump 2020” emblazoned on them, but no Biden ones.

That and orange-colored signs that read, “Prayer Changes Things.”

The conservatives seem to own a chunk of the SoCal freeway messaging. Of course, there’s a stark, political difference between coastal NorCal and the rest of the state. It’s like San Francisco/San Jose E-liberals against the normal people.

As an aside, Trump is scheduled to troll the Democrat convention like a rating star pro. I believe he’s hosting nightly editorial ‘wrap ups’ of the Democrat convention, and pumping the air out of Biden’s tires at the same time. If true, it’s gonna be ‘must-see-TV.’ LOL


It seems all this BLM crap is back firing. Who the hell wants to see our Nascar events with slogans all over the cars promoting this propaganda? Who wants to see our basket ball players and other sports athletes kneeling and forcing the fans to endure this stuff that most of us are against? Who the hell wants graffiti and streets with BLM messages? Who wants these businesses broken into and robbed? Who wants these black thugs destroying property and stealing and looting and destroying hard working American businesses??
I’m watching videos of these protesters trying to enter private subdivisions and being run off by citizens. This will escalate.
This useless Chicago mayor banning protests on her block but not other peoples streets and businesses. Meanwhile 50 million workers unemployed and the government is not collecting income tax, Business all over this country closed and the government is not collecting sales taxes.
I’ve never been good at forecasting the future but with mass evictions coming, massive foreclosures looming, credit card and auto loan defaults, crime and on and on, I got a prediction for our country, but I got it buried deep in layers of denial.

We’re probably witnessing the death throes of the Democrat Party. They’ve lost the mainstream public, and are effectively chasing traditional Democrats off the plantation and into the “new” Republican Party.

The black population is becoming more ‘woke’ about how they’ve been used like Goodyear retreads to keep the Democrat bus rolling for fifty-years. Well, them tires be coming off that bus. Last I heard, 38% of black voters are boarding the Trump Train.

However, look at the numbers of old-line, blue-blood Republicans that are literally moving onto the Democrat plantation, as anti-Trumpers, to spite the changes in the GOP. Crazy.

Trump has effectively minted a brand new party, and stolen the Republican name, and it’s attracting both Tea Party sympathizers and traditional Democrats. Who knew this could possibly happen?

Scientists can now levitate solid and liquid objects with acoustic tractor beams.
Acoustic tractor beams use the power of sound to hold particles in mid-air, and unlike magnetic levitation, they can grab most solids or liquids even small insects. For the first time engineers have shown it is possible to stably trap objects larger than the wavelength of sound in an acoustic tractor beam. This discovery could enable the manipulation of drug capsules or micro-surgical implements within the body. The discovery could even lead to levitating humans.

Holy sound waves Tesla… He said in an interview late in life that sound waves and frequencies were the key to the Universe. Even patching together a few remaining neurons, I can predict this is the most important discovery since that technology was lost when an earlier advanced civilization was wiped out in a worldwide cataclysmic event.
Some Scientists have been saying that a few insects dont fly using their wings to flap but instead vibrate them to a certain frequency to create levitation or lift and flight, The Egyptian scarab beetle for one, and the American Bumble bee and probably others I can’t remember.
These scientists are working with small objects for now, but soon you bet ur wampum, they will be upping the power, tweaking the sounds, boosting the signals, and holy frikin future, so now, instead of a turbine powered personal quad copter. I want a wave generating levitating mo fo engine.
Some exciting times, if we can survive these human problems.

We keep seeing these black thugs trying to evade arrest and getting dead and then these BLM terrorists destroying businesses and spreading fear. For what? black thugs, career criminals?
Thug lives don’t matter to me.
Armed citizens have had enuf. I predicted it wud escalate and holy mayhem, it did.
If your lucky you can still find a few guns for sale, but not ammo, it’s selling faster than toilet paper in April.
The cops wer stopping vehicles with out of state plates in Kenosha and finding weapons, hammers, crow bars, fireworks.
Is somebody funding this anarchy?

I got an insane thought, that this wild defiant Prez is the only thing that can keep this country from total Frikn collapse.

I often wonder why the Dems seem to hate our Prez so much. All the fake attacks and accusations. And why do they want this 78 yr old dementia Biden to be the next Prez?
Does it have to do with this Prez wanting to cut funding to this endless war machine that seems to be so profitable?
Bringing home hundreds of thousands of troops and re-building our infrastructure and economy seems like a much better way to progress.
Meanwhile back in hell town, there is no ammunition available, guns are almost sold out.
It seems I’m not the only one fearing home invasions and rampant crime and collapse.

It’s not ‘just’ Democrats that hate the president. There’s a herd of RINOs that hate him, too.

You answered your own question. The military brass moves up the ranks (faster) when there is a war. No wars, no moving up the ranks (very fast). So, they’re screwed …and angry waiting for higher-ups to retire and/or die. That, and ending globalism as the previous four presidents had orgasms trying to implemeent.

Meantime, there’s a fundamental difference that’s developed between the GOP and the DEMs. The Democrats aren’t looking for cooperation and support. They want abject control. Opposing opinions are irrelevant. They’re not looking for ‘dialogue.’ They’re looking for complete destruction of their ‘enemies.’

The GOP hasn’t understood this. Trump does understand this (now). As a result, Trump has taken on the Democrats ‘and’ RINOs like a tank rolling over a bunch of I.E.D.'s. And the multiple explosions will continue as long as he’s president. Actually the explosions will keep exploding whenever a Republican holds office, because the GOP dares exist.

I been waiting forever for TSHF for some bubble poppin lower prices, I got a feeling it’s coming but it’s not going to be a good thing, probably not even for us bottom feeders.
How long can this economy stay afloat?