What is bird dogging?

I am new to real estate, and am trying to figure out what bird dogging is? I know its about finding deals for peopls, but why will people come to a bird dog instead of a realtor. How much can you get per deal being a bird dog. I would like some info as i might be interested in doing it in the Iowa/Nebraska/South Dakota area.

It’s all about networking. The great deals never make it to a realtor. They are discovered by people who are in the neighborhood and see a vacant house or hear of someone with a distressed property. These deals are then passed to a qualified investor with the ability and funds to create an investment opportunity.

so how do you find these qualified investors, and how do you get paid for it?

Qualified is the question. Our organization is a good place to start. Email me and I’ll get you hooked up. Also, go to the real estate section in your local newspaper. You will find ads saying, ‘I Buy Houses’. These guys/gals are players in the investment community. Some are qualified others aren’t. Just have to try them out and see who has the money. :smiley: