what is a good way to get sect. 8 tenants????

What is a good way to get sect. 8 tenants? Can a tenant finding service provide you with tenants. Does the housing office in my area fill any vacancy I have when I file with them automatically? or Is it up to the person with the housing voucher to respond to my ad for vacant apartment. I am not sure of the process and need a little more information. Please help me out here.
Thank You, Howard the youngone
Oh yeah I am in New York

i don’t know about a good way but i do know a bad way. having your mother work for the housing authority. tenant was all set, apt cleared by housing, then the week before the 1st when they were to move in. my name was recognized. apparently you can’t have a family member work for the housing authority and rent to sec. 8 tenants.

luckily the tenants were able to get their old apt back. it cost me an extra payment also having to get another tenant.

the only wat i am allowed to have sec 8 tenant is if they are already in the apt when i purchase the property. by the way this happened in massachusetts.

hope this helps.

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Howdy Youngone:

Way down here in Austin the tenant is responsible for locating where they want to live. They will look at ads especially when the ad reads Section 8 is GREAT. We also have a book located in the Section 8 office where we can place fliers re the property we have for rent.

Realtors and Brokers can also provide section 8 tenants for a fee of course.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Thank you Tedjr that did help me out.

Your local Public Housing Authority (PHA) publishes for it’s tenants what is called a List of Available Properties, which is a list of landlords willing to rent to Section 8 tenants. Contact your local PHA to determine their procedures for getting onto that list.

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