What is a good private investor split????

I have a question for you pro’s out there.
I am a 20 year contractor with the right kind of knowledge and talent to do commercial or residential deals. If I find the house/commercial property, rehab it, and market it to sell. What would a fair split be??? For simplicity lets just assume I make a standard contractor fee, and the marketing may or may not be handled by a real estate agent also earning a fee. These deals would have more than enough to cover those exspenses.

For simplicity lets take a real example I am working on now.Round numbers.

Land 1,275,000
Constr 950,000
total 2,250,000

Sale 3.650,000
Closing 18,500
Commis 180,000

Net gain 1,201,500

Assuming the closing has some interest and carry in it. If a private investor put up all the funds what would a good split be??

Thanks for your help.

Sean 8)