What is a Good Deal?


Recently, I have tried to work with real estate investors. Today I called one to ask how I could help him, and what was a good deal. He was unable to answer me and told me to go to his website and pay for his educational materials instead.

Okay, how can I tell what is a good deal for a real estate investor?


What’s a good kinda car to buy?

Answer: Depends

If you are working with a Real Estate investor as a bird dog, he should be telling you what he’s looking for! There are dozens and dozens of ways to amke money in real estate and each investor’s model varies a little. Is the investor buying to hold and rent? Is he buying to immediately wholesale back out to another buyer? Is he buying to fix and flip? How much does he need to make on each deal?

He should be telling you about his model and what his parameters are, not vice versa.


Ditto what Keith said, and find a different investor to work with. The guy you refer to sounds like an idiot to me. Just my opinion though…

There are a lot of people masquerading as investors but are really selling courses or “memberships” to their websites. the others are absolutely correct. A legitimate investor should be able to give you some clear information about what they consider to be a good deal - something they would be interested in buying. If they want you to buy something from them, cross them off your list and find a real investor.