What is a CPN number?

Has anybody heard of a CPN number? Is this real??

Credit Profile Number
Calling Party Number
Civilian Personnel Manual
Certified Practical Nurse

Could even be a typo, where APN was really meant. What is the context in which this abbreviation is used?


Based on past posts, I’d guess he means a credit profile for a business.

Although I appreciate the knowledge, this forum is filled with a bunch of smartarses, lol…Yes I was referring to credit profile number…is this real? Is it legit? I read a little bit about it last night and for something so illegal seems to be popular and practiced.


I was not aware of the previous discussions you had already had with BLL and your question at the top of this thread did not give us any of the context or frame of reference that BLL already has.

I seem to have intruded into a private conversation. I apologize. It won’t happen again, I promise.


No worries Dave T I was only kiddin ya. Your wisdom on here is much appreciated