what if the seller cancel the deal for unreasonable requirement?

i made a offer for a single family last month.The seller accepted my offer,gave me a binder agreement,took my $500 earnest money,and agreed sendinng formal contracts to my lawer after 2days(dec 29)but have a orally requirement that i have to get the loan from he selected
bank.in order to get the deal i agreed.i worked with the loan officer who was the seller introduced to me to prepair loan application.everything was done,but i have not receipted the formal contracst yet.i called seller many times,he always say"the house is yours,don’t worry,we need 2 more days to solve some problem with another offer"till last week.i can’t contact him any more now.
i guess the problem was about the loan bank(the loan officer changed my loan bank from A(seller selected) to B(loan officer used work place) it’s not my fail at all.that’s out of my control.but now my problems is that after i gave up another good deal for only this house,but seems like i can not get it.(unfortunately my family just liked it)
just wondering i still could get this house by any chance?thank you

What exactly is your question?