What if the property owner(of the property i wnat to wholesale) has a realator??

I’m slowly getting my whole business off the ground. My list of foreclosures already have there houses listed with a realator.

Can i still get a contract ?

Does the realator get a cut if i sell the house?

Whould there be a breach of contract between the owner and realator if i do get the contract? :deal

All foreclosure properties are listed through agents after the auction as REO or real estate owned. At that point the owner is the bank.

Of course you can still get a contract just make the offer through the realtor. The realtor gets paid by the bank when you buy the house. If you sell the house after you’ve purchased it the only way the realtor gets paid is if you have listed the property with the realtor.

Your contract would be between you and the owner. The realtor has a listing agreement with the owner. The agreement between the owner and the realtor is different than any contract/agreement you would have with the owner. The realtor agrees to market the property. You would be agreeing to purchase the property.


What a super answer thank you very much