What HUD requirements for selling MH?

I have a 2000 dw for sale and wondered what requirements they need for someone to get loan? What do you have to have underneath to sell? There are columns of cement blocks but daughter thinks they require more?

A manufactured home has to be anchored to a permanent foundation to qualify for a conforming loan.

What does anchored mean? It has colums of concrete blocks but they arent cemented. Can that be done now after its been there 10 years? Also what kind of person would I call for that? Thks for help. You guys r so great on here. Sometimes I am ip ALL night reading and trying to learn. I so appreciate it!!!


A mobile home in a park does not qualify for mortgage financing! If the mobile home is on a lot and has it's own deed it can qualify if anchored and secured to the property.

Every state has differing idea’s as to what that entails. I had a property with a double wide in Saint George, Utah. That property required a cinderblock masonry wall around the perimeter with a mud sill and anchor bolts strapping the home to the foundation.

Now I also had a property in Arizona that was also a double wide which was leveled and strapped to anchor stakes and skirted all the way around and it also qualified for mortgage financing.

It depends on your states building code in accordance to manufactured homes and what mandates a permanent structure?

A mobile home in a park is considered titled as a trailer and can only borrow against the MVD title.