What happens?

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My friend’s house went up for auction and they left the house before they even got an eviction notice. But they left a few things behind (in good condition - not junk) that they couldn’t take with them such as mattress sets, etc.

When the bank or the new owner (most likely the bank since no equity was left) comes by to see if the place is occupied and finds these things there, what is normally done with all the stuff?


The banks usually hire a Realtor to sell the property who will hire a contractor to get rid of the stuff. Some may go home with the Realtor, some with the contractor, some to goodwill perhaps, some to the dump. It has to be clearly abandoned which usually means over 30 days. If there is any doubt they will send out notices to the last know address and posting a notice of abandonment to the house. The contractor/ bank will store it off site or may just let it sit there 30 days.

I go to garage sales every week and have met a few contractors who actually take the stuff to their house and sell it. I have gotten some good bargains like full bottles of propane for a buck and gallons of antifreeze free. One guy does all the Hud homes and he has tons of stuff almost monthly.

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