What Happens to Drug Houses?

There is a small farm that was raided for being used as a meth lab, I have noticed that it’s been vacent for almost a year now… what happens to these properties once they are busted? are they siezed by the local county state feds? If you were interested in this property where would you start looking for info? I know the property was facing forclosure a few months before they were raided, I do believe they caught their payments up before the forclosure went through… This is located in rural Oregon just for FYI purposes.

They go to rerhab. :smiley: Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I just read a whole article in People magazine two weeks ago about meth houses being purchased and the new owners coming down with SEVERE health problems. . . multiple sclerosis symptoms, terrible skin rashes, etc. Many, many health problems. This is the issue with Jude Law on the cover.
It’s becoming a major legal problem in terms of did the agent/seller disclose that the house was a meth lab prior to it being purchased?

When I read exactly what goes into crystal meth, it is a miracle that anyone LIVES after ingesting a tiny SPEAK of these substances!

Anyway, I’d proceed with caution if you now its a meth house. This stuff seems to be like mold - it permeates and is very hard to completely erradicate. You could be liable down the line.

Land Value minus removal. That is basically all they are worth. If you were to do this, rip down the existing structure. This way you will not be held liable. Remember for every pound of Meth made, there is 5 pounds of toxic waste. Would you buy a toxic waste dump?

Check this out http://www.dhfs.state.wi.us/eh/ChemFS/fs/MethClnUp.htm I would RUN AWAY JUST SAY NO!!! Sounds like a drug commercial!