What happens if tenant moves out 2 months into their 1 year lease?

Can I go to court to get the years rent? What happens in this case as my first non payer. If they say they will be out friday after not paying dec or jan rent do I still take them to court for backpay or trust that they say they will send it later. What if they get out and still don;t pay back rent? Can the court make them pay? Thanks for any help!!!

In order to collect accelerated rent, you must mitigate your damage. That means getting the unit ready and re-renting as quickly as possible. Some judges may only give you a few months no matter how long it takes to get a new tenant.

File for all back rent that is owed. Do not trust anything they say. They already said they would pay on time and they haven’t.

Unless you have a judgment from the eviction case, you will have to file a new lawsuit to collect damages. Use small claims court if the rent amount is within your state’s limits.

You have to pursue collection on your own dime. If the court orders a payment plan, there can be consequences to the deadbeat for failing to honor the agreement. You also have the ability to garnish wages and seize assets.

You’re stuck. deal with the pain and move on. Give them an incentive not to damage your property (a couple hundred dollars). Next time make sure you rent only on a lease to own program where the renters put down money as an option fee to buy the property.

I have many out of state rental properties all over the USA
and to be upfront, with you basically you just lost out.

Most any court now days would paint you as the
“Greedy, Nasty Landlord” and take the tenants word over
yours I have found.

It is much better to get them out as fast as can with little to no
damage (offer them U Haul Money if needed) than for them to stay there
3 to 7 months (depending on the state) and have to go thru and eviction
and court process.

Trust me its a hassle and I have gotten stuck a few times over
the years No matter how good the tenants looked on paper.

It happens… Wash … Rinse … Repeat …

Let us know how it turns out?

One more reason that anybody that doesn’t live in Texas needs his head examined. Here the courts view a tenant staying that you bring to court to evict as if he is stealing you house. Just like I would not pay the neighborhood jerk to not steal my car, I would not pay a person to not damage my house and if they do call the police and charge them with vandalism the police will go get them and put them in jail. What I would do is charge them for the damage they are going to do up front (it’s called a deposit). The key is to do background checks on every body and don’t let them in if they fail. I bet if you look at this guy’s background he has been evicted before. People don’t change. People that pay pay people that don’t pay don’t pay. Paying people don’t magically stop paying when they move into your house they were not paying all along. Also make them give you a deposit. If they have a prospect with a bad background and you want to let them in anyway, take a double deposit. You as the landlord have to make the rules. Those rules need to make sure you are the boss.