what Gov. office to go find forclosers list

Waht Government office do i go to to find the state forclosers list?

Howdy 5to1:

The county courthouse where deeds are filed.

If your county is large enough you may have a foreclosure listing company that tracks these for you monthly for a fee. Here in Travis County there is FLS.com that charges $45 per month and does a fantastic job.


thx ted
Ill check it out does austin list all counties ou just will co. and travis travis?

Howdy 5to1:

Austin is in Travis County. Williamson and Hays do their own thing. Hays is in San Marcos and Williamson is in Round Rock.

thx again ted

Hi ted. I can’t seem to find the FLS.com site you mentioned. Can you point me in the right direction?

My title company sends them to me every week its kinda annoying!! But hey it is FREE so why not?

Howdy Verdant1:

Here it is


When I type FLS on my computer it pops up for me. I forgot about the online part.


No problem ted. Thanks.

I came across this one too. It looks good but being a newbie I have no idea if it really is.


Use this link to see references in this forum about RealtyTrac:


Just type in what you are looking for in the window. The general concensus is that RealtyTrac information is old and outdated by the time you see it. In a lot of faster markets, all of the property has already been sold by the time it hits RealtyTrac. Once in a while here, a property in RealtyTrac will be valid but the market is a little more lethargic here.