What forms would you suggest?

Hi everyone, I am ready to start my sub2 investing but I would like to
know what forms do I need in my breifcase and what’s their functions?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’ll give a crack at this

P/S contract
Sub2 addendum
Authorization to release
and a warranty deed form

I think the form titles explain what they are, but I’ll give you a detailed answer if you require it.

Nick Johnson
Motiv8td Investments LLC

Hey Motiv8td, thank you but could you expain the function of these forms. Thank you.

It might be good to if he or any one knows where these forms can be got ?

And if possible for free as some new people now do not have the funds to buy some sub2 course for a few 100 just to get the paperwork

just a thought on the matter

What does the sub2 addendum should looks like?

Do we use the state standard Loan Assumption Addendum
or do we create our own addendum to arrange a sub2 closing?

Do we get it notarized, give it to a title company, or don’t do
either and save it in a file for future reference?

Hopefully I am not stepping on any toes here, but this is what I use.

P/S contract
Purchase and sale contract, sometimes called offer to purchase. I don’t use one on every sub2 deal. You will have to modify/edit most of the ones Realtors have if you can actually get one to do a deal like this with you.

Sub2 addendum
This is usually a CYA addendum that makes sure the sellers know the mortgage and note are staying in their name and that their mortgage most likely has a “due on sale” clause in it.

Authorization to release
Form signed by the seller that allows you to talk to lenders, insurance agents and the like

and a warranty deed form
Transfers ownership of the home.

We also have to fill out a transfer return for the state to know where the tax bills go,

and I like to have the sellers assign me as a limited Power of Attorney with regard to anything to do with the property. This is a little heavier duty than the authorization to release.

The more you notarize the better, but I usually only have to notarize the limited POA.


Is there some where or can you send me copies of your paperwork ?

So that i can see what it is you use and how it is all written down ?

Hey Jamse, can I have copies also?


I am glad to see iam not the only one need to see the paperwork used by the pros to do this