What Forms for Sub2 in Illinois?

Hi, everyone.

I hope my topic here is not overstepping the line, but I just need some very specific yet critical info to get started adding Sub2s to my repetoire.

What forms do I need to perform a Sub2 in Illinois? Here is the list that I think may be correct:

*Illinois Realtor Contract for Sale and Purchase?
*Authorization to Release Information
*Limited Power of Attorney?
*Illinois Land Trust Contract
*Probably not a Quit Claim Deed, but what kind of Deed form?
*Anything else?

If any experienced Illinois Sub2 investors would be so kind as to enlighten me on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated. If you’re worried that I’m infringing on your territory, I’ll divulge that I mostly work in Kane County, and dabble in DuPage.

Thanks, in advance.


Howdy Amazon:

I am from Texas but you should just use a standard warranty deed from the seller to you.