What form to use?

I got a house under contract with a standard p/a and I put buyer as me and/ or assigns. We haven’t closed yet.

I now have a buyer but dont know what form for my buyer to sign. Can you guys help please as he is coming over tonite to sign something. . If I assign him the contract am I the assignor or assignee?

Sorry first one I have done and I so respect the knowledge I get on here.

It is an assignment agreement.

I probable have one but won’t be able to check till Thursday or Friday.

Let me know if you have not found one.

You could take your buyer into your escrow company and write agreement instructions with your title agent / closing officer.

Make sure you both sign and your buyer agrees to “Non-Circumvention”

This would also be a binding agreement.

Let me know if you still need me to look at the end of the week.

Would he have to see what we gave for it? Is it on anything he will sign?