What form do you use to renew a lease?

I am in Texas and have only been a landlord for 2 years. My first time with a tenant that wants to renew the lease for another year. Do I fill out a new lease or just do some sort of lease extension. I am using a slightly modified TAR lease.


Either way will work, with the caveat that my state’s landlord-tenant laws are different than yours.

The Texas Apartment Association has lease/extension agreements, but you have to be a member. The modified TAR agreement will most likley work.

There are some online lease extension agreements through findlaw and other sources, but extending a lease is pretty basic, so you’re probably fine. Some landlords have lawyers glance over their forms and agreements to approve them for future use. If there’s ever an issue that arises out of using one, you can go back to the attorney who approved the form.