What expenses will i have to pay if i decided to move out?

Thinking about moving out and I just want a clear idea of everything I will need to pay for.

Are you moving out of a mobile home? The thing to do is look at the lease. That dicates what you have to pay for.

As Bluemoon told your question is not clear what you about to say. From where you want to move and with how many things and where you want to move?

Tawny, if you want to move out you really need to check your lease or contract carefully. There are tenants who have been brought into the courtroom having to pay enormous fees for moving out early. Read the fine print. If it is a large apartment, they are use to it but if it is an individual owner, they are going to need all of the money they can get from you.
There are also state rules that are for the tenants more than landlords so check those out too and good luck.