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I am wondering what type of email account i should set up , i do now want a .yahoo.com or gmail on a business card , i would like something like my name / business name on it , how and where can i do that ?


If you want to get an email address for your business, for example, “tcody05@tcody.com” you should first go to a domain broker like godaddy.com.
Search for the web address (URL) that you want. Search thoroughly, because a lot of the popular ones are taken.

Be creative, and you can get something good.[/b]

Register your domain (like 8 bucks a year or so) and then you can either have them host it (not recommended) or hire a 3rd party hosting company (This topic is more in-depth and would require a detailed explanation).

Once your domain (www.tcody.com for example) is hosted, you can get email services for that domain through the hosting company where you can set up multiple addresses for that domain, for example john@tcody.com, mary@tcody.com, sales@tcody.com.

The best recommendation I would give for this is to befriend a web “techie” because it can be frustrating to do a lot of these things by yourself!

Heck, I offered a value-exchange to my person; I offered to teach him some Real Estate if he taught me some Internet tricks!

Good luck, hope this helps!! :biggrin