What else do I Need?

I have set up my website, Ordered and waiting for 50 bandit signs, ordered an 800 #, ordered a couple hundred stickers to place around town, and plan on setting up a direct mail campaign this week.

Is there any other big marketing tactic that I’m lacking?


Well, you should start with one marketing technique and measure the results at first. It would be extremely difficult to tell which worked and which didn’t. This also allows you to measure how responsive are you to calls.

Thanks Fadi.

Well the website will be advertised by the other things (bandit signs, direct mail, and stickers); I plan to sparingly place the stickers out–don’t want mad people after me.

Are you saying not to do bandit signs and direct mail at the same time? These seem like the “top 2” ways to get leads.

Hi You can Start Initially by Search engine as we all know they are providing such a great traffic

no I am not saying don’t use bandit signs and direct marketing, what I am saying is that whatever you need to do at first, you need to make sure you can measure it and know where the calls are coming from.

If you’re doing direct marketing, it would be easier to measure the source of the call. If you do advertising, it becomes little difficult to know which ad people are calling about, so in the future if you want to cancel an ad, which one would you cancel without knowing which one really working, or which one is returning the best bang for your money.

Start small, I know it requires patience and we don’t like waiting :), and as you see the results, you can realign your marketing campaign to maximize the return on your marketing.

NETWORK! That is one thing you are missing. There is a Network Marketing thing I picked up and it was said make a list of 100 people that you know. Well do that and then go tell them what you do. They will be a great source of sellers, buyers, renters and private money.

Your NETWORK will be the best source of your marketing over time. If you cultivate your NETWORK you can drop all the other stuff.

Remember this - “Investors who make offers get deals!” Seems like a simple concept, yet so few people do it. Make offers that make sense - you’ll get deals!