What does it mean when a buyer ask if a property is unlisted.

My buyer asked “Is this property unlisted? I hope so” What does this mean by listed or unlisted? and how can i figure out if it is or not.

Most likely they just want to know if its listed with a Realtor although you could list it the MLS yourself. Herbster

are REO and foreclosed houses usally listed in MLS? Like say i found the home at a bank owned REO website, does that mean it is listed?
and whats wrong with a listed house anyways??

I think all REOs are listed on the MLS
I think they just want to know so they can look it up and see the asking price vs your wholesaling price??
And I guess to cross check your info???

O is that the reason why they ask

I would assume so…imagine if you were going to purchase a deal from a wholesaler wouldnt you be curious what was the asking price? how much youre profiting?
And to see if your honest?
I don’t know why…someone asked me once that when I posted a ghost ad on craiglist.
Im just assuming their reasons for asking.

doesn’t matter if it’s listed or unlisted. What matters is you have a contract and you are selling the deal wholesale for less than what the bank was asking. Your mentality should be "I’m giving you an opportunity to buy this house cheap before I close on it myself. Don’t appear as a beggar who is desperate to sell the proeprty before your inspection clause expires.

Doesn’t matter if the buyer knows what price the bank was asking. You are selling it at a cheaper rate than the bank.

Good point Bashir!