:cool i was given some information on a franchise called real estate centers what it is is this a full service type deal you have real estate brokers as in like a real estate company c21 or some one like that and with all this is a apprasial /// home inspection /// finance dept as well as other stuff
cost is 100.000.00 one hundered thousand was wondering what this fourm thought of this kind of a deal

Can you provide a website?

:cool i will check and see if there is one this basic information was given to me by a friend from oregon if i can get one will post asap

I’d be curious to see if this company stands up to the RESPA scrutiny, in particular the ABA statues…combining that many service providers under one roof smells of trouble…

If it passes the RESPA smell test, there are laws on the books in some states that prevents this one stop shop business model.


Scott Miller

Bottom-line, if you do not have experience do not do it. You will have legal issue. And Chris is right too.

I don’t know about you guys but I am into real estate to get rich not a job. I already have a job. What I am into is going to the mail box (just like I am doing today being this is the first of the month) and getting checks in the mail. Not sitting down with some sap trying to provide him with “full service” hoping he goes through with some deal that I have no control over so I can get paid.

I suggest if you are looking for a job you get a Janiking franchise (they are the number one franchise in the USA).