What do you think of this wholesale deal?

Would this be a good wholesale deal to make?
Rental property, currently vacant (just moved out), Landlord wants to get out of rentals.
3 bed, 3 bath, 1 car garage with room to park on property

Asking 12k obo
zillow 56,400 / epprasial 35,771

What should I do with this one? Is 12k a good whole sale price?

Get your procrastinating butt over there and get it on contract.

ok - I’m making an appointment !

Still having trouble finding buyers !

Should I go with the 12k or what price should I try for?

Mr Seller, your price of 12K is reasonable, however I’m looking at the age of the house, the area and rehab costs.
My partner says we can do 8K all cash, no contingencies, fast close and we pay closing. Now I’m going out on a limb here, but I think he will agree to 9K… Sign here.

Thanks !
I’ll do that.

I went and seen the house today. The bad part is the owner does not live in the town (the landlord) so now I am trying to get his contact phone number to call and work the deal.

The area is a depressed part of the county, but I seen for sale by realtor and for sale by owners everywhere.
The guy showing us said there is a woman who lives in Fl and she has someone that has helped her to buy 10-12 properties in the town.

I might have found a good location to get leads ! What do you think?