What do you think of Ibidcondo.com

Hey everyone,

I am wondering what people think about ibidcondo.com

What are the positives, the negatives etc?

If appraisal and inspection reports were provided, as well as detailed pictures, would you think about bidding on a condo if you were across the country?

Does an auction like this attract buyers from across the country? Would any investors / companies like webuyuglyhouses.com be interested in an auction like this?

Any advice on ibidcondo would be much appreciated.


I don’t know who is buying, but it isn’t me. I would never ever buy a property that I didn’t inspect in person. It is way too important what lies in the blocks around it, and the truth about the neighborhood is too easy to hide.

Even when you view in person, it takes DD to detect important facts about the surrounding area.

Unless you are buying $300 houses in Detroit, even a cheap house is a lot of money. It’s too much for me to risk on a gamble.