What do you think of Donald Trump as a real estate investor?

He was given $400 million to begin with…

I don’t think he did that good, personally…

What do you think?

I think I could have done better.

I don’t know why he got so famous when there are other, less loud, people that have had more success and that weren’t handed $400 million as a gift.


Donald Trumps father mentored him and loaned him money as he started out, when Donald's dad and mom died Donald got somewhere between $62.5m and $75m before inheritance taxes. Donald's dad and mom had an estate valued at between $250m and $300m which was divided between him, his brother and two sisters evenly!

I don’t know where you get your information from?


I think it was wikipedia

He is one of the top realtor in India.

Yeah, I heard his being top realtor in India. Is it true?

He does have two super luxury projects in two of the important cities in India and one is under construction.And he definitely is planning to invest more.

I had no idea he had made himself an international celebrity.

Had he already made his money before the inheritance? He always says he received a small loan when he started out…

His father gave him a couple of hundred thousand dollars to get started. But even if he had been given billions he did a great job. Look at Paris Hilton. She was given billions and what had she done with it? I don’t see any Hilton Towers being built.

I don’t think Paris Hilton ever tried real estate.

Meh, Donald Trump likely did better then everyone at this forum combined and then some. I have read all his books. There is no comparison. Trump started as a big leaguer and was nurtured properly every step along the way.

This thread is almost laughable! Bottom line is, Trump is a major success…the proof is in…perhaps when you become a billionaire and own resorts, high-rises, jet airplanes and choppers, and are responsible for thousands of employees salaries and their families welfare, then you can place a new thread and assess yourself!

To add to that, Trump is a major successful author…in fact, many of his real estate books were the inspiration for me and many others who subscribe to this website…and as for me, I’ve had over 400 successful transactions, many of which were inspired by Trump’s writings.

Most people who borrow $1 million from a family member or bank to get started go broke…Trump, on the other hand, endured the ups and downs of the market and multiplied that million by over 1000 times.

Perhaps spend less time stirring this weblink’s resources to gain your own attention and start implementing the strategies that are graciously given by other successful and experienced investors.
Hope this helps.

I could probably borrow $1,000,000. from a family member if I had a clear plan.

Didn’t Trump get more than that?

I wouldn’t know what to do with it, though.

Rehab a hotel? Any ideas?

Cool post Rob. So true.

Red, I am a firm believer that your environment makes a huge huge difference. Trump started in New York City. Beyond that he was born in an outer borough of New York. It makes a huge difference growing up next door to Manhattan, compared to other places.

Orlando is tiny compared to a top tier city like New York or London. Orlando is not even a global city. Even Miami is small compared to New York. Even Chicago is a fly-over compared to NYC.

Thus, Trumps book Think Big and Kick Ass is what it is all about. If he grew up in some isolated swamp town and without the energy and opportunity of NYC, his first job would have been bailing hay or flipping burgers, and he likely would never had achieved such awesome success

I just read that his first job was renovating an apartment complex, which he did successfully.

After that, he mostly took out construction loans to build various things such as skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He also renovated some very large buildings.

I also read that he was not much more successful than the stock market at large during this time.

But he must have done something right if he’s worth over 4 billion.

Yeah renovating high rise buildings in New York is balls to the walls badass power. I can not emphasize enough, he had help, Im not saying he did not deserve it, but working in real estate above midrise level in NYC is unlike any other place in the world. Its like a rabid great white shark tank on steroids.

Donald had his dad and was protected under his wings and that is a big component of the magic. Even look at his younger photos its clear he was being groomed from an early age to look like a special up and coming multi millionaire. And he attended an ivy league finance school. That’s beautiful.

I have to re read some of his books.

Yes, he wouldn’t have been able to do it without his dad.

That’s how he was able to secure those loans.

My recommendation is…stop critiquing and start investing…your obsession on other people’s success is an example of manifestation of fear to take your own actions.

Do a deal and share a victory…novel idea?

Hope this helps.

What do I think of him as an investor? He owns several skyscrapers, including in Manhattan. So, he is certainly a better real estate investor than I am.

connections is one thing that can help you go to the top. Even if you work very hard but you have no connections I think your growth will be limited.