what do you guys suggest is the best job for me?

I am 16 and its time for me to start thinking of my future. I really like real estate and do believe I will pursue this as a part-time job. I also would like to invest in mutual funds or cd accounts. I would like to get a career that works around money and that will also help me be successful in real estate. And it would have to have 6 figure income. Any suggestions?

My recommendation is High School, then College. Work only as much as you absolutely have to and devote as much of your efforts to grades and education as you possibly can.

for some reason your answer didnt match up with my question… I am asking what is a career that would best match my criteria

I assume that since your on a REI website you want to be an investor. Until then you can bird dog for other investors. Don’t go out and get a real J.O.B.

p.s.- Mutual funds and CD’s are crap

Any job where you get to be an entrepreneur or investor’s side kick is a good place to start.

if it doesn’t pay but you get to see how investments are made, how businesses are run and you meet other succesful people, it’ll be more than worth it.

i currently have a position open for someone to write 28 addresses and 28 checks and mail them every month. it’ll take up 1 hr of your time every month and you can ask me all kinds of questions. you may have to travel to san diego, so i don’t know if thats possible!!! :wink:

Cds and mutual funds? Financial advisor.

Having been the “if you go to college, and study hard, you’ll be successful” route, get in where you will be molded to think on the fly, and be creative. Notice I didn’t say swindle. You may not be able to get in with “the big dogs” at an investment firm without a degree, but insurance, financial planning etc, doesn’t require a degree - they require discipline and following or creating a business model - develop leads, analyze clients, serve their needs… a lot like REI.

Good luck to you…and don’t let anyone brainwash nor pigeonhole you.


learn this simple formula

if Money In minus Money Out >0, then you are building wealth. work both sides of the equation. Increase Money In by hard work, being educated and a little bit of luck helps too. The second part is where lots of people have problem. Bluntly put, most people just blow their money on stupid stuff. If you can’t handle your own finances, how would you expect be to trust you handling their money.

as for high paying jobs, in the end you have to like (to some extent) what you do. sure, a lot of people tolerate a crappy job becuase it pays well, but in the end you are just miserable. A few years back, I walked away from a six figure job becuase of several years of utter frustration, very high stress and 80hr work weeks. There is a lot more to life than money