What do you do in the Real Estate Industry?

We only deal with people that are 45-90 days late on their Mortgage payment currently in my area I get about 750-900 leads a week we contact Homeowners to educate them on the options. From there about 10% of the Homeowners will want to sell… Keep in mind that the 90% that want to do Loan Modifications will fall out within 4-6 months after the Loan Modification so they too will become sellers… Here is the real deal if you think about it. My company is nothing more then a Lead Generations firm. Sure we are assisting homeowners in keeping the house they love yet on the other hand this is just a great way of getting in contact with them 4-6 months before your competition does. So with that being said all we are doing is educating Homeowners on the options that they really have this is really just causing us to build trust and communications with them before anyone else tries to talk to them. On the properties where they deicide to do a Loan Modification on we have already spoken to the people and contact them back 3 months later to make sure that everything is going OK. So we already know the situation and can create a win win for everyone involved. Some of these people even have a word that you haven’t heard in awhile called EQUITY! In the past 7 years the only time I have heard that word is with the word Negative in front of it. And some of the properties you can even pick up SUB2 after the Loan Modification and turn them into cash flowing rentals with very little work on our part. When we developed this system we thought of every angle and devised it so that no matter what the Homeowner wants to do we can provide them with an option that will fit the situation and we still get paid regardless of their decision on what they want to do with the property. If they keep it we get paid if the sell it we get paid no matter what we get paid. That is the beauty of what we created. So in the long and short of it the NOD/NED’s that you are contacting today we talked to them 9 months ago… Yeah we got our market covered… Badda boom badda bing! $286,000 in profit last month and we didn’t buy a house! So what do you do?