what do you as investor want from wholesaler

I did a search, but it the topics were to broad. Im sure you guys have probably have heard this numerous times but, if you are investor buying from a wholesaler, what information do you want or would be content with? For example, would you want a little a care package with photos spread sheets with comps/comparable sales, list of items that need repair, etc… or would you be content with the wholesaler simply telling you it can sell for x amount, and needs roughly x amount in repairs, and i will sell to you for x amount? know what i mean

thank you

If the investor is a true and active investor the numbers and address will work. Obviously if you have photos, comps, etc. that would be cool as well. I wholesale and also fix and re-sell and if a wholesaler came up to me I would know if its a good deal or not within a short conversation.

What you want to do on your end is have your ducks in a row meaning your numbers are right, you bought it right, etc. First impressions mean alot and if you have your info straight I would want to do business with you many times over.

Make sense :biggrin



thanks for the reply