What do the red houses mean?

Just realized I don’t know what the red houses mean next to people’s names…When you get 4 can you trade them in for a hotel?..

Mine just went up to 2…Is it based on the number of posts?..

Sign me,

Just Curious in Virginia…

Mine just went up to 2...Is it based on the number of posts?...
That is correct...tell them what they have won Don Pardo! :beer

If you’re a post whore like Mark you get lots of them. :anon

Another year and he might have as many as you, huh Rich?



I 'm a post whore? That must be some of that Red State math that they are teaching in the schools. You joined almost a year after I did and you have almost double the posts. :biggrin


“Children, children - don’t be so pleasant” - Art Tasker, Williamsville, VT

It is odd having a non-mud slinging argument. :banghead2

Ps- I’m from a blue state so I do know how to count. :wink:

I’ve only got three but can I get in on this?

Sure, throw down.

You know when I was about to get my 1000 post I started getting really concerned about making sure that I didn’t just throw up one word posts and simple me too responses so that what I posted really put information out there. I stopped putting up I don’t know comments.

are 5 houses the max? can we invest with some monopoly money?

Me too Bluemoon. hahhaha!!! :beer

Can I just get a condo or a bedroom? :rolleyes

do not pass go ; do not collect anything :smile LOL :evil
i’m happy with one house as long as i can keep it out of foreclosure . :flush