What do Investors really want....

I am a newbie and therfore my questions may seem a bit elementary to some, but I believe in knowing as much as I can. Knowing that the majority of people on this site are investors what do you expect from the bird dogger vs. what you need and have to have? What makes a lead complete?


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Howdy dddd4826:

Always a good question. As far as leads go too much information is never possible. Also too little information can be dangerous. I followed a lead once and was only given the address and owners name and that he would sell for $10,000. After several days of tracking this fellow down he was asking several hundred thousand for the boarded-up commerical building. Way too overpriced. That birddogg did not hunt for me any more. A complete waste of time.

A lot of information is on line and easy to access for you as the birddog. You may as well get that info for the investor. It is helpful to know it when asked as well. The first thing I almost always ask is how big is the house and if you donot know it makes you look stupid. Stuff like when it was built and the condition is nice to know. Maybe even a gustimate of the repairs would come in handy as well as some comps. The more info I get the more I am willing to pay for leads.

On preforeclosures, contacting the bank and getting payoffs and amount to cure would be important as well.

If it is rental property I want to know what the rents are or could be. You do not know how many times I have asked Realtors how much the vacant units will rent for and they did not have a clue. Kind of lazy if you ask me and not professional at all. Dale Carnage wrote the book on sales many years ago and his motto was to know your product 100 times more than you have to. I have only met a few sales folks that know near as much as they should

Hope you can use some of this rambling

Of course Ted all that you posted was helpful, I just want to know all that is needed when giving a referral. I have a general idea on what to get from reading Barry Grimes course but all is helpful in real estate, I see that already. Thank you Ted.


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