What Do I Do With This?

I am working with a couple who owes 390K on a house and Commercial 1 acre lot. The house is on half an acre and is 2600sf. Their payments are $2800. They bought another house with payments of $1200. They had a sale of the Juban house that fell through because of financing. The husband lost his job in March. They are behind on everything and panicking. They have 2 mortgages on the Juban house. One mortgage is 250K. They would sell the house to pay off that loan, but they need 10-20K in cash to get caught up on bills. They are willing to do creative financing to get something done. Any suggestions on what strategy I can use to help these folks and create a win/win deal?

Nobody is going to give them an extra $20k just because they need to get caught up on their bills. I suggest that they sell the house for the mortgage amount (if they can) and get out from under the mortgage. Once they don’t have a big mortgage to pay, it will be easier to get caught up on the bills.