What do I do now?

I have submitted a short sale packet to HomEq for an upside down property and owner. The owner has talked with several realtors and they realize his property is not worth what is owed. So he hasn’t listed the house with a realtor, because they know they can’t get paid!
HomEq is insisting that a listing agreement be included in the packet! The owner has vacated the house, so I’m at a loss as what to do in the situation!

Thanks in advance for comments!

Find a Realtor who is experienced with listing short sales.

GooD LucK! :beer

Realtors DO get paid for listing short sales. Like FN says, the ones who are experienced with short sales know this and will help you out.


If you are putting in the contract then find a realtor that appreciates that he is getting a deal with little effort. Experience sure helps too. I work with many realtors and it is hard to find good ones.

Tommy, where are you located? I do short sales…

I’m in VA!