What do I do in a Hot market?

I have a tenant who has 25,000 and wants to do a lease option until her credit is better. She has rented since last November for 925.
I paid 183,000 last Aug, Comps are 280,000 last time I checked.
My mortgage is 147,000. I pay 697 mo. which includes ins and taxes.

She is dying to lock a price in. The Phoenix market is still hot.
I am new to investing one year and can’t make any mistakes as I am retiring this year.

If I were to do a L/O from a seller’s viewpoint, how will I explain that this great L/O will be based on future market values? Obviously she could walk and then buy elsewhere. Lots of investors in AZ. Does anyone have a good L/O contract? Can I find one on the Internet?

I just don’t know whether I should lease option, sell or hold on 2 houses The other tenant is asking to do the same thing.
I am stalling by blaming my accountant who first has to review my tax situation before I can commit to any L/O.

I am getting close to owning enough houses for now. I certainly learned real quick about the joys of being a landlord. My new houses will all be managed.
I now plan to go into commercial deals that make sense.

I would appreciate any feedback to the pros and the cons of selling, L/O or holding in a hot market.
Thanks a million.