What Criteria Should I Search For to Find Sellers for Wholesale Deals?

I am currently using RealQuest to put together contact lists for potential properties to wholesale to our buyers.

I’ve already created a list based off of absentee owners that have properties in my area that don’t live in the area.

Now I’m looking to identify the other criterion I should be looking for to create additional lists.


  1. Is it a good idea to contact absentee owners that live in the same area as their property?

  2. What additional criteria should I be looking for when I’m putting together subsequent lists? People that own properties free and clear? If so, what else?

Thanks for your help.

Realquest is owned by Corelogic, which owns listsource.com. Their lists are not always up to date.

Call them and ask when this particular data source was last abstracted. Otherwise, you’re likely to get a bunch of returns, undeliverables, and just a waste of dollars and time.

Melissadata is typically a good site for targeted lists, as well. Or, you can use Michael Quarles at yellowlettermail.com. He’ll do it all…

If you’re targeting absentees, make sure you choose 40-100% equity. Other than that, like beds and baths, construction type, etc, you can go with what you feel is best. They have to have the room for us to flip it, though.

You could also research your local property tax office and find out about property owners who are behind in their taxes. If an owner is unable or unwilling to pay the real estate taxes, that is a good idea that he or she may be willing to sell their property.

Yes, it’s perfectly worth it to contact absentee-owners living in the same area. You’ll never know how much they’re looking to get rid of their properties. For all, you know they moved to a bigger house or a smaller one cause they can’t afford the bigger one, divorce, inheritance, tired landlords, etc. All of them can be living in the same area where their vacant properties are. You will never know their motivation and the property’s potential to be a good deal unless you talk to the owner.

About the criteria when looking for sellers, I usually look for single family homes with at least 3 bedrooms. I also look for properties with last market sale date from at least 10 years ago. This means that they have owned the home for at least 10 years. And I do 70-100% equity.