What course to take

Hi all,
Im new to this forum and have been reading other posts and its really helpful. I was thinking about taking a loan officer course,
I am a begginer so what should be the best couse for me to take besides loan officer ?

Any advise will be greatly appriciated.



The answer to this depends on what you are going to use the education for…is it for your vocation (so as to live indoors and eat) or is it for your RE investing?


It will be for RE investing.

I would save my money on courses and buy or borrow books and read, read, read, read…

If you can get courses like Adult Education courses at the local Community College cheaply, that is also a fine idea. For instance, the community college here is offering a 3 hour course on the fundamentals of Real Estate Investment for 25 dollars.

My opinion…


i think almost nothing you learn will translate into benefiting you as an investor.[except learning about mortgages, which you’re already doing].
i agree with keith - read books on investing. your local library is a great resource which most people dont utitlize.

Thanks you all !
I will do that .

I agree there are a ton of courses out there some are good others are bad! some just do not teach enough!