what could be the best way to market your RE business?

I was wondering what is the most effective way to advertise my service and products? Does Social media and Craigslist posting really work?


i think you should target ways in marketing your product which are social media & social networks (or your website “E-marketing”)

email marketing and video marketing can also help you. dont depend only on strategy, work on it.

My reply to this question is… How much time and money do you have?

Most industry professionals find that networking is the key to their business. Follow this up with communication (an email campaign) and a defined market presence (website), and you will find people seeking you out.

There is a lot of buzz and blogs on social media, and while I have incorporated them into my marketing, supporting them can be time consuming. Since, I am an investor, I want to spend the majority of my time putting together deals, not posting blogs everyday.

I enjoy networking with other investors and industry professionals. Good luck!

Social media marketing should only supplement your other strategies. And SMM takes time so if you want deals immediately, it is not the way to go.

Thank you for all your response. Which among those popular social media website works the best? Is it facebook or linkedin?

Facebook definitely gets more traffic. Now, I use it strickly within different
subgroups I’m into. There’s been a lot of talk about using social media to
connect but I think the customer base for creating deals is local. I believe
Facebook and other social media engines are too vast.

As Lilly said, it should be used to supplement your other strategies.
I prefer to use bandit signs followed up with direct mail as my primary
medium to get leads. I’ve been using this combination steadily for years
and my Inbox has 10-20 leads per day consistently.

That’s the key question…what is your budget for marketing?

Also how much time do you have to devote to marketing?

I use direct mail like post cards and letters. Several years ago when I was starting out I mailed 100 hand written letters per week on yellow legal paper with blue ink. I also hand wrote the address on the envelope. The trick is to get the piece read by the homeowner. This technique worked well, I got my first contract after I sent out about 400 or 500 letters. Hope this helps…



Do you still use direct mail till now? How’s it? What else you aside from direct mail marketing?


Telemarketing is still the best IMHO. It’s fast, it’s free, and you reach most of your leads.

For the most part marketing to buy online hasn’t worked for me. However I do send a few emails to free classifieds every morning and get an appointment here and there.

Can you please tell me how this work for you Doug, thanks! Is this what they called “outbound telemarketing”?


Craiglist works well for me, but when it comes to using social media sites. Try not to sell to people over the network, make them decide for themselves by building your reputation as a real estate agent or broker.

Yeah it’s pretty much telemarketing. I would imagine it makes a big difference what kind of deals you’re looking for though. I’ve always been into lease/options, so calling FSBOs works well. Just call them up and ask if they would consider renting their house out. LOTS say yes, so you have to further qualify them based on how much they want for rent, the price, the condition on the property, the location etc.

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