What contracts will i need for wholesaling/assigning?

what contract will i need to have the Seller sign. Then what contract do i need to give to the buyer who wants to buy.
What are the names of the contract that i will need to buy from seller then assign to buyer

You will need a standard Purchase and Sales agreement when dealing with a private seller. If you are dealing with a realtor and banks you will use the Association of Realtors contract specific to your state. The agents will give this to you.

If you are dealing with a buyer for your wholesale deal, then you still use a Standard Purchase and Sale agreement if you are doing a simultaneous closing.

If you are assigning a deal then you use an assignment of contract form and you won’t need a P and S agreement because the buyer is just purchasing your position in YOUR contract. They will close in your place.

All of this can be found on the internet if you look or possibly on this site. Just look around some.

just make sure your purchase agreement with the seller or their realtor doesn’t rejects assignments otherwise you will have to scratch through the clause on each contract. As you know with your seller you will need a purchase and sale agreement, with your buyer you will need an assignment of contract. Basically your buyer will buy your contract with your seller for a fee through the assignment of contract.

sellers signs a purchase agreement

Buyers signs assignment

In some cases to avoid headaches down the road I have the seller sign the assignment as well, just so they don’t freak out at the closing.