what contracts are needed?

what contracts are needed in buying a house?
where would I obtain these contracts/?
would i need an attorney?
People have told me when buying a property always get a lawyer to make sure everything is legit. Is that true?
would i need a title insurance company?
I figured i could go to the county clerk and do my own research. Is that enough?

any info. would he appreciated

Howdy Pixeltrade:

When writing a contract it is not that important to get an attorney involved. Use a standard form you can get from a title company or your local real estate commission on line in your State. This is the only form you will need unless the property is owned by a bank or HUD or VA. You will need special forms and a Realtor to help you with these properties.

I do suggest getting a title company to do the title search. The have attorneys on staff and they will review the search to see if things are legit before issuing title insurance. Once you have a contract signed the title company will do the search for you as a free service anticipating writing the insurance policy and closing the transaction.

Hope this helps answer your questions.

Ted is correct.

Yes you should check the title chain your self but when you make a purchase you do want title insurance so that your interest will be protected.

Lawyers are not necessary in a regular real estate purchase, you will find going through a title company will be just fine.

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