what comes first the chicken or the egg

Newbie with a question?

Starting out birddogging makes the most sense for my time and money. To this point I have only researched and educated myself in REI (no deals).
My question is this: Starting out should I try to find deals and then locate investors? Or locate investors and find out their desires/needs/requirements or deals they like and then search for those properties?

My feeling would be that it would be a combination of the two, as I wouldn’t want to limit myself, but I would like to hear your opinions.

It is really helpful to have buyers lined up, and to know what they are looking for so you can go find it for them, but, it is not essential. When I got my first deal under contract, I didn’t have 1 single buyer lined up, and I still managed to get the thing assigned in a matter of days (from an ad on Craigslist).

Don’t let not having buyers lined up stop you from starting to look for deals. As you get more and more deals, you will find more and more buyers. You can do both at the same time.

Good luck,
Steph :cool