what can i do with 2k?

just started a investment group 3 months ago and currently have 2k, is there something out there i can make a quick profit with or do i need to stack a lil more?

What kind of investing does your company do? 2K won’t go very far. I would say stack a little more. Maybe spend some of that on advertising…

Dont spend anything until you have a strategy.


If you only have $2k, find a partner to put up the money.

You track down the deal, put it under contract and then assign it to a rehabber.

You only need the partner if you are going to close the deal…negotiate that with them upfront.

$2k for marketing…even that’s a little low, but it can be done.

For $97/mo you can send automated offers to 3,000 properties per month at 50% LTV on your local MLS.

That might be a good start.


How many people in your group?

Advertising what your group can offer would be my first thought. Another idea, you could always hire a specialist from your local area to come and speak to the group for an afternoon or something. A question and answer or pick his/her brain type of thing. Someone that specializes in landlord or mortgage broker or short-sales or subject-to, etc. If what they teach the group is something that you all go out and do and make $5000 on, hey, you’ve just made over 100% return on the investment!

Don’t tell them that you’ll pay them $2000 to speak, though! Ask them if they’ll come do it for free. If they want to be “hired”, then negotiate a price. Maybe you might want to have someone come speak about negotiations…