What can I do to get started?

Hi guys. I need help. I really would like to get inon the real estate opportunities going on here in chicago but my problem is I have no money and bad credit and no real investors to work with. I have meet a lot so called investors but they have proven to be wannabe’s so far. There is great oppertunity here!!! Everything from vacand land to multimillion dollar dvelopments is just right for the taking!!! No matter if it FSBO’s or property auctions there are a ton of deals here. How do I get a solid group of investors who I know real investors not just faking.
Right now there is a company who is holding an auction for 12 more days that has some distressed properties going for under 50% LTV with seller financing with $1000 need put each property in contract. Can some one help me. Thanks

What have you done so far to find your buyers?
Have you tried:
calling ‘we buy houses’ signs
advertising in the paper
going to a local rei club meeting?

I would suggest getting a part time (or another full time job). There are 168 hours in a week. That’s plenty of time to work two full time jobs and still have over 1/2 of the week left. Working two jobs will allow you to rapidly build up some cash that you can use to buy these deals. Get started today and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have that $1,000. Also, you need to start paying your bills so that your credit improves. Credit is a measure of trustworthiness. If you want people to do serious business with you, good credit is mandatory.

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