What can a house inspection turn up??

I have a house under contract as of sunday and he is having a hime inspection done an I am so worried what they could find that might turn him off or cost alot of money. I have sold 6 houses but no one got a home inspection so can I get a heads up as to what they check??

Thanks soooomuch for all this forum helps me!!!

Just to clarify, you have a house under contract so who is having the inspection done?

A good home inspector will go over the entire property, top to bottom to make sure the house’s systems are working well. This will include the furnace, the water heater, HVAC, checking the attic/crawl space, general foundation inspection, making sure plumbing works, and general visual inspection, general code violations (stair handrails, etc).

Since no house is perfect, it is the inspectors job to find the imperfections in the house and inform the buyer of these problems, or potential problems.

A general inspection DOES NOT include items such as water or soil testing, the only allowed testing under a general inspection clause would be carbon monoxide testing. all other testing would have to be specifically listed/approved in the purchase agreement.