What areas of Houston are the best for flipping properties?

I will be moving to Houston, Texas in a few months and wanted advice on which areas are up and coming. I would like to start flipping houses to begin with. My friends and I can invest up to $250,000. Also, is there a service that I can use to get comps without using a realtor? Any advice would be appreciate.

Hi Marrs,

I do bird dogging in the Houston area. I can tell you now there is no free place to find comps. Not for the Houston area. There are select counties in Texas that have nonforclosure laws about home sales unforunately Harris county is one of them which encompasses most of Houston. However I have finally found a great Realtor that will provide me with all the comps I ask for. Email me if you your interested in Houston leads and obtaining comps for any area around Houston. As far as which areas that are best. Houston is incredibly LARGE! You can find investments in nearly any area. I suggest you find an area you like or are close to and concentrate there. Good Luck and welcome to Houston!