What are you doing

What are you guys doing? There are 24 hours in the day. You sleep 8 hours you spend 8 hours at work (but probably only work 4 hours) you eat 3 hours. That leaves 5 hours that you spend NOT buying real estate. That is as much time as you spend working at your job. What are you doing with that time?

I’m right here on the computer, talking to you.

I minimalize eat time to 30 mins instead of 3 hours, I don’t have a job so it’s kind of like 7 hours sleep, 16 hours working on real estate and other businesses.

I have family and other obligations that fit in there somewhere. Life takes balance.

I don’t have a traditional job either… 1 hour for each meal Blue? If I did that I would weigh 800 lbs! :biggrin

I have a few things going, real estate investing, and I actually own a website… never thought I would say that! So there are days when I choose to work only a few hours, and the other 6 days of the week I am working 12+ hours a day.

Stevie says life takes balance… I agree, but for me the balance comes later… :beer

Myself I have my Back Waxed once a week and occasionally have my toenails clipped by a young Korean gal. Not too short, long toenails make the feet look longer. :slight_smile:

I do spend some time looking at houses but mostly I am on the internet looking at girlie pictures… Thank you Al Gore for inventing this thing…

Hairy in California

PS if any of you know someone who like hairy fat people let me know.

Damn Michael, you have your back waxed once a week? You must look like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons…

I’m doing real estate 24/7, but I also attend classes to further my education. I think that is one of the most important things you can do with your life.
I also have many hobbies wakeboarding, basketball, and lacrosse.
I also stay in really good shape

Reading goofy replies from the members of this board :biggrin