What are ways that tenant buyers can obtain the option fee money

There are a lot of tenant buyers out there who cannot afford to pay the option consideration fee upfront.

What places would you reccomend to these buyers, before they are given the boot.

I know one place is their $401K.

maybe a signature loan?

What else guys?

Friends and relatives.

By definition if your tenant/buyer cannot come up with the option fee then they are not buyers just tenants. While you can look for ways to help them come up with the fee perhaps your time would be better spent marketing to qualified tenant/buyers? my 2 cents

Your absolutely right 71 tr, but my intent is to provide resources for those that dont’ qualify now, so that they may be able to work with me in the future on another home. I dont’ want to waste my time with people that can’t afford the option fee because there isn’t much I can do for them. If I can help them later down the road, then so be it…

how about income tax returns ? people with several kids get back
thousands in earned income on their returns. even car lots & stores
target this market ; so i would think it works to some degree.
just my 2 cents. :deal ?

Well your 2 cents is worth a lot to me. Thanks Harriet. :bobble