What are the recent deals you guys are doing?

Talk about some of the recent deals you guys have done this year. Talk about your market, what’s happening, what you’re buying, what you’re selling.

I’m from Montreal.

I recently took over a 3 storey 5 unit building subject to. Took it for the mortgage + arrears.
Mortgage is 370 000. Arrears of 20K
As is value close to 500 000.

Completely renovated 5 units like this sell over 600 000+. A beautifully renovated 3 story, triplex 3 doors down sold for 650 000.

Since this property is located in an up and coming part of the city, my plan is to keep this baby for as long as possible.

Who else is buying? Who else is busy making money while the end of the world in 2012 is close to becoming a reality? ;D

Post your deals.