What Are The Most Difficult Parts of Investing?

I am a newbie to actually investing, but far from new to the industry. I feel as if I can walk out the door today and come back with a career change, making me a new person.

All of the educating I have done on the subject has made me very confident, but it all seems too good to be true. I dont see any difficulty in it. I dont know if im missing something or what.

So I just wanted to know, what have you all come across in your ventures that has made you feel like you dont know if you made the right desicion.

Or better, what has been the most difficult part of your investing career?

Also, what would you suggest that us newbies realize and plan for when getting into this field?

these questions have been asked and answered so many times. you can DEFINITELY find info related to these exact questions.

what experience do you have in the industry?

know this - it is NOT as “easy” as you think it is.

if you have excessive cash - it can be “easier”.

without cash, with a solid foundation and plan - it can be “easier”.

it all depends on what you want to do.

thus bringing me to the most important advice/feedback you can receive on questions like this:


it’s up to you what you want to do in real estate. as a newbie, i found myself backlogged with information. you’ve got to sort through it. YOU MUST DEVELOP A PLAN that you feel comfortable with AND THEN GO OUT AND STICK TO IT.

if you don’t do this, you won’t get very far. you’ll become so backlogged with an overflow of information that you’ll be dizzy.

if you choose to go out and start buying with little money in your pocket and doing X Y Z with properties, then do it.

if you decide to piggy back from another investor, do it.

if you decide to get your realtors license or contractors license, do it.

if you decide to buy one property, live in it for year, fix it up, and sell it, do it.

if you decide to buy one rental property, fix it up, refi and rent it, establish seasoning and do it again,do it.

the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO is to educate yourself enough to the point where you can make…you know where this is going…AN EDUCATED DECISION about your investment/business goals.

the biggest mistake you can make is talking yourself out of investing in real estate because of this or that.

the biggest mistake many newbies make, i think most investors will tell you, is not getting involved sooner!

if you want to do something, focus your mind on it, be positive, raise your life standards and get it. life is a journey…not a destination.

I have two guesses as to what the hardest part of REI is.

  1. Finding properties 70% below the market with a positive cash flow using REAL WORLD EXPENSES

  2. “Real Estate is easy… people aren’t.”

Hope that clears up a little bit.

To make it simple:

  1. People
  2. Finding the right properties

There are only three challenges:

  1. Finding good deals
  2. Structuring offers that works for you and the seller
  3. Selling quickly

Although the last one is not that difficult if 2 is done right.

i’d have to disagree slightly.

the toughest thing is YOURSELF.

you can focus on rei all you want - but it comes down to the individual and how much he/she is willing to learn and then FOCUSING on doing at least ONE thing and doing it RIGHT.

that’s where all the rest of the stuff comes into play like finding properties, structuring a good deal and cashing in on any given exit strategy.

but definitely the most challenging is YOU.

without a doubt.