What are the Future Trends in Real Estate?

This is the crystal ball question that all of us wish we had the answer to: What Are the Future Trends in Real Estate? What types of real estate will be growing popular in coming years and why? Or, what would you invest in if you had a ton of cash to throw at one particular type of real estate?

Please share your thoughts on future trends in real estate. We are a hard money / private money lender that is always looking for different trends in real estate so we an expose these ideas to our private money investors. Thanks for sharing….

Though recent reports indicate that foreclosure activity is gradually decreasing, others say that we’ll actually see increases in foreclosure activity in some areas of the country. And though foreclosure property sales have fallen in the past year, they still comprise almost 20% of all MLS property sales. So can you still find good deals? Are foreclosed properties still attractive investments with good equity capture? How do real estate investors successfully close purchases of foreclosed properties? You bet they do.

Can’t tell you the future trends, but I can give you the present.

Home sales here in our little burg are back up to 2005 levels in the number of homes sold. For the first time in a long time I am seeing SOLD signs, also way more FOR SALE signs. Sellers got tired of waiting.

The four foreclosures that surrounded me in a 4-block area are all sold. But the newspaper is still full of pending foreclosures.

Still a buyer’s market. Still a great time to buy. Those who buy now won’t be saying “Wish I had bought back when I could have got that foreclosure house for 30 cents on the dollar…”. Big demand for rental homes here. No new housing developments are being built,

It’s the best time in years to buy. In my opinion. Rents can make your mortgage payment easily. It’s always nice when your tenant buys you a house.


Higher rental rates and numbers than those who actually buys a property right ahead.

According to my research, commissions will continue to drop making real estate agents disappear and real estate will be more of a technology-driven. By 2020, investable real estate will have grown by more than 55% compared to 2012.